About our services

Agence DISC can provide additional services, for example:
- Sorting out authorisations for planned work
- Helping you with "home staging"
- Arranging the "expertise" reports
- Helping you to rent out your property
- Looking for a property on your behalf
- etc.

The Expertise Reports

Agence DISC can arrange for these reports tp be carried out, for example:
- termites
- lead
- asbestos
- energy efficiency
- septic tank

Home staging.........

We can advise you on possible improvements and changes that you could make in order to sell your property faster and for a better price.
This advice focuses on the presentation of your house and can seem very simple and logical, however one needs to know how best to put into practice.
At DISC, we have been trained in Home Staging so we can offer the best possible service.

Your questions are welcome.........

Thanks to our experience as an Agence Immobilière, we have the answers to many questions. If we don't immediately have the answer to one of yours, we know all of the appropriate places to obtain it. So please don't hesitate to ask us.
There is no such thing as a stupid question!